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Who will you choose first? (Mega Man 2 Boss Select Screen) | June 8, 2011

For AGES I intended to make a blog devoted solely to my craft and food related adventures. The semester ended yesterday so I decided it’s time to make things a reality!

That said…you’re not getting anything shiny or new in this post. But I’m still very proud of this project so naturally it’s the first thing I’ll share! It has been featured in both Sprite Stitch (an AWESOME video game craft blog) and Nintendo Power magazine.  AWWWWW YEAH.

I started this project in 2007 (I can’t believe it’s already been four years!) for my wonderful fiance’s Christmas gift. It…uh…wasn’t completed until July 2010. He’s a lamb for being so patient, and even helping me construct his own gift!

Anyway, I chose this project knowing he’s a big fan of Mega Man, and Nintendo in general. It’s constructed with Perler Beads and I used a foamcore backing for the black background. I’m happy I went with that decision, because 1)Less beads to arrange and 2)It adds some depth to the entire project. Several thousand beads and countless hours went into this.

Alright, enough tootin’ my horn. Thanks for reading!


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